Course Code: SBMS2106
Course Title: Pharmacology and Toxicology
Unit: 3
Faculty Package / Core / Elective: Core
Concentration Area: Nil
Year of Study: Year 2
Term: 2
Pre-requisit:: SBMS2107
Co-requisite: Nil
Course Coordinator:

Professor LAU Hang Yung Alaster


This course provides students with an understanding of the principles of drug action including pharmacodynamics (mechanisms of pharmacological actions), pharmacokinetics, clinical indications and adverse effects of major classes of drug. The scientific basis of rational application of chemicals as therapeutic agents will be discussed with reference to the role of pharmacology in the treatment of common diseases. Drug toxicity will also be introduced to illustrate the importance of pharmacology as a core biomedical science subject. Students should have completed basic courses in anatomy, biochemistry and physiology to understand the pharmacological concepts described in this course.

Offering Year: 2017/18 onwards

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