Course Code: EPIN3022
Course Title: Innovation Bootcamp
Unit: 1
Faculty Package / Core / Elective: Major Elective
Concentration Area: B
Year of Study: Year 3 or above
Term: 2
Pre-requisit:: EPIN2010 or other equivalent or exempted by the instructor if students can show a substantive entrepreneurial experience or knowledge.
Co-requisite: at least any 2 other 2000 (EPIN/non-EPIN) courses.
Course Coordinator:

Professor AU Yuk Fai Kevin (MGT)


Advances in technology and entrepreneurship require continual adaptation and pivot at strategic juncture. The environment is uncertain and changes all the time; competitors emerge over time unexpectedly; learning from customers leads to new ideas. This course aims to inculcate multi-disciplinary problem-solving ability and experiences through intensive exchange and project work in a few weekdays. Students will participate in hands-on learning to find and develop solutions for startup, R&D, or corporate venturing teams to pivot at their critical juncture.

Offering Year: 2018/19 onwards

Note: Course details and requirement are to be updated from time to time. Students are advised to visit this website and CUSIS for the most updated information.