Course Code: MEDF1011
Course Title: Foundation Course for Health Sciences I
Unit: 2
Faculty Package / Core / Elective: Faculty Package
Concentration Area: Nil
Year of Study: Year 1
Term: 1
Pre-requisit:: Nil
Co-requisite: Nil
Course Coordinator:

Dr HWANG Shui Shan Isabel


The human body can be studied through its levels of organization, with each level representing different features of life. In particular, the cellular and molecular levels enable us to appreciate how excitable cells such as neurons communicate within the human body by utilizing electrical voltages created by the movement of electrolytes across cell membranes. The generation of these micro- voltages is an important functional basis of various organ systems, such as the nervous system and the cardiovascular system. In physiology, one of the primary ions of electrolytes is the sodium ion, which plays essential roles in determining plasma osmolarity, water balance and even blood pressure. The human body also has an amazing ability to interpret and process both light and sound waves so we can see and hear. In this foundation course, medical students are introduced to various aspects of basic science and organ-specific human physiology essential for an understanding of how the human body functions. They are exposed to important concepts from both the chemical and physical sciences, which they then relate to human cell and organ functions. Selected case studies are also used to aid students in understanding the medical relevance of these concepts.

Offering Year: 2016/17 onwards

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