BSc in Biomedical Sciences, CUHK - Courses

To fulfill the Major requirement, students are required to complete 70 Units of specified courses including Faculty Package (10 Units), Major Core (28 Units), Concentration Area (viz. Biomedical Research, Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship, Health Services and Consultation) (14-15 Units) and Major Electives (17-18 Units). Students would be recognized as having fulfilled the requirement of a particular Concentration Area if they have completed 1) the recommended Major Electives and 2) the Experiential Learning requirement of that Concentration Area with satisfactory performance.

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Year 1 Courses

Course Code Course Title Concentration Area Unit
MEDF1011 Foundation Course for Health Sciences I Nil 2
MEDF1021 Public Health and Healthcare Ethics Nil 2
MEDF1031 Communication Skills Nil 2
SBMS1101 Biomedical Sciences and Society Nil 2
SBMS1102 Human Structure and Function Nil 3
SBMS1103 Biochemistry of Human Body Nil 3
SBMS2105 Techniques in Biomedical Research Nil 3
MEDF1041 Interprofessional Healthcare Nil 1

Year 2 Courses

Course Code Course Title Concentration Area Unit
SBMS2101 Biostatistics and Epidemiology Nil 2
SBMS2102 Introduction to Molecular Biology Nil 3
SBMS2104 Introduction to Bioethics Nil 2
SBMS2106 Pharmacology and Toxicology Nil 3
SBMS2107 Human Functions and Diseases I Nil 3
SBMS2108 Human Functions and Diseases II Nil 3

Year 3 or above Courses

Course Code Course Title Concentration Area Unit
SBMS3101 Immunology Nil 2
SBMS3104 Modern Medicine Nil 2
SBMS3201 Experimental Design and Execution, Journal Analysis and Reporting Results A 2
SBMS3202 Cancer Biology A 3
SBMS3203 Development and Reproduction A 3
SBMS3204 Neuroscience A 3
SBMS3205 Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine A 3
SBMS3206 Vascular and Metabolic Biology A 3
SBMS3207 Biopharmaceutical, Pharmacopoeia and Accreditation C 2
SBMS3208 Forensic Science C 3
SBMS3209 Clinical Anatomical Pathology C 3
SBMS3210 Instrumental Analysis and Application in Biomedical Sciences C 2
SBMS3211 Molecular Techniques in Genetics and Medicine C 3
SBMS3212 Bioinformatics, Genomics and Proteomics Nil 3
SBMS3213 Drug Design and Development Nil 3
SBMS3214 Medical Genetics Nil 3
SBMS3215 Pharmaceutical Industry Nowadays B 2
SBMS3216 Health Services Management B 2
SBMS4201 Capstone Research Project I A 3
SBMS4202 Capstone Research Project II A 3
SBMS4203 Biomedical Internship I B/C 1
SBMS4204 Biomedical Internship II B/C 1
EPIN1020 Design Thinking and Practice B 3
EPIN2010 Toolkit for Entrepreneurs B 3
EPIN3022 Innovation Bootcamp B 1
LAWS2331 Intellectual Property Law for Entrepreneurs B 3
PHAR3420 Pharmacogenomics and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Nil 2
SBMS2201 Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacognosy Nil 2