Course Code: EPIN1020
Course Title: Design Thinking and Practice
Unit: 3
Faculty Package / Core / Elective: Major Elective
Concentration Area: B
Year of Study: Year 3 or above
Term: 1
Pre-requisit:: Nil
Co-requisite: Nil
Course Coordinator:

Mr. NG Chi Ho


The course aims to develop "T-shaped" characters who can develop the depth of expertise in a single field (one's major as represented by the vertical bar of the T shape) while acquiring the ability to communicate and collaborate with others from different disciplines (the horizontal bar of the T) to address challenges. The ability to connect horizontally is "Design Thinking", which is the bridge between creativity and innovation, combining divergent and convergent modes of problem discovery and problem solving to integrate user-experience, technology tools, and business models to create values.
By acquiring a designer's perspective in looking at the world, students can learn to appreciate what it means to "think out of a box" --- the thinking style that transcends traditional management control and disciplinary mindset. They can create more alternatives beyond one’s own disciple to foster more systemic and holistic implementation. This course is for students who not only know how to solve problems but know what problems to solve.

Offering Year: 2017/18 onwards

Note: Course details and requirement are to be updated from time to time. Students are advised to visit this website and CUSIS for the most updated information.