Course Code: EPIN2010
Course Title: Toolkit for Entrepreneurs
Unit: 3
Faculty Package / Core / Elective: Major Elective
Concentration Area: B
Year of Study: Year 3 or above
Term: 1
Pre-requisit:: EPIN1010(UGED1796)/1020/1030(UGED1797) or other equivalents or exempted by the instructor if students can show a substantive entrepreneurial experience or knowledge.
Co-requisite: at least any 2 other 2000 (EPIN/non-EPIN) level courses.
Course Coordinator:

Professor CHAN Chi Bong Dominic (DSE)


The course aims to prepare students with skills essential for “pursuing opportunity without regard to resources currently at hand.” It will develop in students several key entrepreneurial skills rather than covering comprehensive topics as in an introductory course. Since pursuing an entrepreneurial endeavour has to overcome obstacles and deal with challenges in novel and uncertain situations, we must transform and give new emphasis to skills commonly used in other problem-solving situations. Indeed, a number of new processes and accompanying languages have to be invented for entrepreneurial practices. Additionally, because changes happen fast, the skill sets essential for entrepreneurial success must be matched with the latest technological and societal development, and to the needs of different student cohorts. By the end of the course, students should become more effective and confident in implementing their entrepreneurial plan or innovation project.

Offering Year: 2018/19 onwards

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